Project Management

We project manage all aspects of the development of land and subdivision, property development, building, construction, engineering, plant and equipment, new business and investment opportunities including: 
• Consultation and engagement with clients and all stakeholders on a continuous basis

• Review all internal processes, invoice payment systems as required

• Prepare tender documents, drawings, specifications, contracts and preliminaries

• Client sign off on acceptance of tender documents

• Confirm that all tender estimates are within budget

• Seek tender, evaluate and assess all received tenders and engage contractors/suppliers for materials and services

• Carry out OHS induction for winning tenderer  

• Supervise the implementation of builders OHS plans  

• Substantiate all progress claims and invoices received

• Review & process payments as required in line with quality systems

• Compare actual costs with quantity surveyor or cost management consultant

• Finalise client invoicing/billing for total project cost, within approved budgets

• Process and apply for bank draw down in line with finance covenants

• Manage defect rectification and finalise payments and release of any retention 

• Carry out post occupancy evaluation as applicable

• Obtain permit to occupy and certification or acceptance of completion sign off documents

• Essential services safety requirements program and schedule