Opportunity Assessment

Unbelievable Variety

We assess the viability of the opportunity by: 
• Clearly detailing all future potential opportunities, spin off businesses associated with the venture  

• Drafting a forecast business and financial plan

• Methodically carry out due diligence and risk assessment report

• Consultation with a strategic advisory panel specifically qualified in this type of venture

• Calculating the most effective way to best maximise returns to our investors  

• Clearly identifying and detailing all holding and set up costs

• We assess the viability of the opportunity by engaging a cost management professional to detail a building quantity survey document that would be suitable for a financial institution draw down schedule.

• Whether financial institutions or investors see value in the venture and what corporate interest and margins would apply.

• Having the venture independently valued by an industry recognised expert who is on the panel of major banks or other financial institutions

• Considering how this venture would align with our overall company strategic plan.

• Evaluating how our current and future work commitments would be impacted by the new venture.

• Examining our in-house expertise and if additional training is required, what other resources would be needed.

• Utilising commercially sound financial models that prove the viability of an opportunity, we then recommend to the board of our holding company to purchase the asset. Once this has been agreed and signed off by the board we then proceed with the purchase of the new asset for either land, building, plant, equipment, business or other investment.